Sunday, 13 February 2011

Wutai Flu...

Sorry we haven't been so active just lately. I have been unwell myself (again) and in my mind, everyone in the barrack has the dreaded Wutai Flu. It is just like our version of the flu, but with a heck of an attitude problem! Genesis will be burning snot filled tissues which seem to burn green. Angeal is just sleeping on the sofa, and Sephiroth has buried himself under his quilt and is refusing to come out!

I got the idea of this by watching myself and the rest of the team when we get snotty and fluey. And trust me, there is an awful lot of it going round at the moment. So in this idea, I have the thought of them all curling up in the living room, and falling asleep, rather like 3 very happy kittens. I think Shin - Ra will start developing a vaccine, but that could take a while.

I talk a lot about them as if they are my friends, but the things I see are just ideas I come up with, sometimes with a basis in real situations. I actually came up with Wutai Flu a long time ago, but not really thought about how to work it or what it would look like!

Wendy x