Monday, 27 June 2011


So I have had to scrap a huge part of ADIM and start again, from scratch. After a huge blow out and the departure of Steve from the team, ADIM has had to be started again, all the written files are erased and it is going back to what ADIM started off as, a multi-media project with written word, art, sound and even eventually video. Ahab won't be appearing as it was decided that he was not within keeping with the characters and although the idea of a dimention jumping Vampire/Ware wolf could have been entertaining, I feel that I want to keep it to the original cast members as well as some of the weird and wonderful people that appear around Midgar and the Slums.

I have started, however on writing some back-story for Sephiroth. Some of my ideas involve a disturbed childhood, an angst filled teenager and the Sephiroth we have all come to know, love and want to at times tie down and make him do as he is told!!

I am hoping by the end of the week to add a short I was writing with some inspiration from my boyfriend, Tom, about the Teenage Sephiroth, with his red dreadlocks and guitar painting his bedroom to make it look like an art studio! What will the people in charge have to say? Well friends, let us wait and see!!

Best Wishes
Wendy xx

Thursday, 12 May 2011

It's been a while...

A long while to be honest. Since I really looked back and did some more on the Another Day In Midgar project. I came up with some ideas, found some more reference works and other things that can make headway towards something happening. I'm really not too sure what is going to come of this project, or when it (or if it) is ever finished, but its just such a fun way of spending my free time.

Our resident composer, Mr Anthony Tremaine has given me some themes which have really inspired my writing and given us all something to work from. So, I hand the baton to him, and here is what he had to say:

"Hey guys Ant here your resident composer. When Wendy approached me 6 months ago to compose music for her project, Another Day in Midgar, I won’t lie I started to feel a little nervous having never played a Final Fantasy game in my life and knew very little about its characters or the magical worlds the franchise is based in. Luckily for me Wendy was on hand to share with me her vast knowledge of the games. We sat down and had a meeting during which she produced images she had drawn of the four characters she wanted themes for and characteristics to work on. From the word go ideas began to spring to mind and the results are as follows. Here is a quick guide to the themes themselves.
                The first theme I composed was for Sephiroth which was described as needing to sound as though he was hiding his own madness and yet it still simmers through. To find this a lot of dark almost sorrowful strings were used but even when the flute or the French horn play an almost playful motif they still sound sorrowful in tone. Then there was Angeal who needed to sound majestic and proud much like a hero. I composed this theme round Wendy’s house much to her approval as the themes soaring choir and brass section carry it to new heights. It also lent itself nicely to being a piano theme which took it down in size but still keeping the same feel. And finally there was Genisis who proved somewhat vexing. Described as being reckless, playful and a bit of a show off it became difficult to define musically. It took several retries (once I almost finished it and scraped the whole thing and started again from scratch) I settled on the playful and bouncy rhythm on the cellos that set the pace for the rest of the theme to grow on.
                And there you have 6 months later and they are finished there was supposed to be two more themes one for all three characters as one and one for the city of Midgar itself but due to tight deadlines with other musical projects (as opposed to Wendy’s finish them when you can deadline)  I have had to call it at the four you see now. However this is not the end of my involvement I shall be returning to project in the future to compose new themes!"

Wendy (and the rest of the ADIM team!)

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Wutai Flu...

Sorry we haven't been so active just lately. I have been unwell myself (again) and in my mind, everyone in the barrack has the dreaded Wutai Flu. It is just like our version of the flu, but with a heck of an attitude problem! Genesis will be burning snot filled tissues which seem to burn green. Angeal is just sleeping on the sofa, and Sephiroth has buried himself under his quilt and is refusing to come out!

I got the idea of this by watching myself and the rest of the team when we get snotty and fluey. And trust me, there is an awful lot of it going round at the moment. So in this idea, I have the thought of them all curling up in the living room, and falling asleep, rather like 3 very happy kittens. I think Shin - Ra will start developing a vaccine, but that could take a while.

I talk a lot about them as if they are my friends, but the things I see are just ideas I come up with, sometimes with a basis in real situations. I actually came up with Wutai Flu a long time ago, but not really thought about how to work it or what it would look like!

Wendy x

Friday, 21 January 2011

Taking some time...

Sadly there hasn't been much by the way of developments this side of Midgar as we had taken a bit of a break over the last week or so. This was due to the fact tthat one of the Guinea Pigs that are kept by 2 members of the team became so sick last week that we couldn't really do much by way of work as we were busy nursing that poor little animal. It is unfortunate to say that he didn't make it and on Tuesday it was decided that poor little Alphonse Bostock-Tomes had to be put to sleep in order to end his suffering. The team was very sad about this understandably.

But, we did gain some insight as to how Sephiroth would cope with the sudden loss of Splodge, the old, balding and suicidal Nibelswine (their version of the humble Guinea Pig). Splodge will leave quite a dent in his departure, but I really can't say exactly what is going to happen, but I can say that it is going to be very funny and would make most Darwin Awards contestants look quite normal and tame.

Wendy xx

Monday, 10 January 2011

Happy (belated) New Year!!

I wish to take this opportunity now to wish you a Happy New Year from the ADIM team. We are looking forward to a very productive new year and hopefully have something interesting to show for our toils.

Before I get in to the plans for 2011, I would like to apologize for my absence as of late. I was very poorly recently with a nasty chest infection, although I have been using this time to consider a few things, pull together some rudimentary artwork, but I really would prefer to get most of that finished before presenting it. However, I do have something for you all.

A nice mood-board showing our lovely Sephiroth as he grows up from an Infantryman at the age of 14 to the hero we all know and love so well. I have also been working on some character developments but will post these later at another point.

Our music composer, Mr Tremaine has been working hard on his scoring of the themes for the characters. He has played these to me and I am really impressed by them so far and cannot wait to show them to you all when they're finished and ready for presentation.

Steve and I have had some rather interesting story sessions where we have both laughed ourselves silly over some of the ideas of Barrack pets. The way we wanted to do that was have a little tradition in the block. Where we live, we aren't allowed to have animals, but we have pets ourselves and the housing officer officially calls them a coffee table. We liked this idea so much that we decided that all pets in the SOLDIER Block should be named after objects found around the house. Hence the cat being called Rug, a Great Dane appearing who we call Trouser Press and a Jack Russell Terrier that we wanted to call Pouffe. More on that when we know where we're going with it.

Its good to give you a more meaty update for a change rather than 1 or 2 lines of just nothingness.

Wendy xx