Thursday, 12 May 2011

It's been a while...

A long while to be honest. Since I really looked back and did some more on the Another Day In Midgar project. I came up with some ideas, found some more reference works and other things that can make headway towards something happening. I'm really not too sure what is going to come of this project, or when it (or if it) is ever finished, but its just such a fun way of spending my free time.

Our resident composer, Mr Anthony Tremaine has given me some themes which have really inspired my writing and given us all something to work from. So, I hand the baton to him, and here is what he had to say:

"Hey guys Ant here your resident composer. When Wendy approached me 6 months ago to compose music for her project, Another Day in Midgar, I won’t lie I started to feel a little nervous having never played a Final Fantasy game in my life and knew very little about its characters or the magical worlds the franchise is based in. Luckily for me Wendy was on hand to share with me her vast knowledge of the games. We sat down and had a meeting during which she produced images she had drawn of the four characters she wanted themes for and characteristics to work on. From the word go ideas began to spring to mind and the results are as follows. Here is a quick guide to the themes themselves.
                The first theme I composed was for Sephiroth which was described as needing to sound as though he was hiding his own madness and yet it still simmers through. To find this a lot of dark almost sorrowful strings were used but even when the flute or the French horn play an almost playful motif they still sound sorrowful in tone. Then there was Angeal who needed to sound majestic and proud much like a hero. I composed this theme round Wendy’s house much to her approval as the themes soaring choir and brass section carry it to new heights. It also lent itself nicely to being a piano theme which took it down in size but still keeping the same feel. And finally there was Genisis who proved somewhat vexing. Described as being reckless, playful and a bit of a show off it became difficult to define musically. It took several retries (once I almost finished it and scraped the whole thing and started again from scratch) I settled on the playful and bouncy rhythm on the cellos that set the pace for the rest of the theme to grow on.
                And there you have 6 months later and they are finished there was supposed to be two more themes one for all three characters as one and one for the city of Midgar itself but due to tight deadlines with other musical projects (as opposed to Wendy’s finish them when you can deadline)  I have had to call it at the four you see now. However this is not the end of my involvement I shall be returning to project in the future to compose new themes!"

Wendy (and the rest of the ADIM team!)

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