Monday, 27 June 2011


So I have had to scrap a huge part of ADIM and start again, from scratch. After a huge blow out and the departure of Steve from the team, ADIM has had to be started again, all the written files are erased and it is going back to what ADIM started off as, a multi-media project with written word, art, sound and even eventually video. Ahab won't be appearing as it was decided that he was not within keeping with the characters and although the idea of a dimention jumping Vampire/Ware wolf could have been entertaining, I feel that I want to keep it to the original cast members as well as some of the weird and wonderful people that appear around Midgar and the Slums.

I have started, however on writing some back-story for Sephiroth. Some of my ideas involve a disturbed childhood, an angst filled teenager and the Sephiroth we have all come to know, love and want to at times tie down and make him do as he is told!!

I am hoping by the end of the week to add a short I was writing with some inspiration from my boyfriend, Tom, about the Teenage Sephiroth, with his red dreadlocks and guitar painting his bedroom to make it look like an art studio! What will the people in charge have to say? Well friends, let us wait and see!!

Best Wishes
Wendy xx

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